Wedding / Engagement Session

Wedding/Engagement Session

(Guelph and surrounding area)

We want to help you tell your love story by capturing the timeless moments you share together.

I know how important and exciting it is to capture special milestones together that you can cherish forever. I love getting to know a couple through photographing them in their favourite places or capturing candid little gestures that express their deep connection or playful spirits. I want to creatively tell the story of your unique and beautiful love so that you can share that story with friends and family and reflect on it for years to come.

Some helpful tips for planning your engagement photos:

  • Think about what setting would most represent you as a couple (city photos, country photos etc.).
  • Have an idea of what you would like to be doing in the photos (kissing, holding hands while walking etc.). Share your ideas with me prior to your photoshoot so that we can plan together.
  • Pamper yourselves! Have your hair, makeup, or nails done before your photoshoot.
  • Colour co-ordinate your outfits. Avoid stripes, logos, big floral prints, and multicolor tops or pants. Solid colours work best. Wear colours that complement your skin. Tans, browns, navy, whites or blacks work well for most. Avoid T-shirts.
  • Address any personal concerns in advance.
  • Most of all, have fun, and don’t be afraid to show the world how much you mean to each other!

Wedding Photography  includes a meet and greet session.