About Lidia

Hire me as your professional photographer and enjoy your moment while I capture your memories.

My very personal journey into photography started in my neighbour’s darkroom. It was because of her that I have any baby photos, and growing up, she let me mix chemicals and watch photos develop. I was fascinated by the process of turning moments into images that could last forever. Time passed, and life kept me out of dark rooms, but capturing and cataloguing memories of my daughters remained an important part of my life. It wasn’t until my brother gave me my first digital camera that the art of photography became my passion and love once again. This was a new and exciting beginning, and I strove to learn as much as I could about producing quality images with this new technology.

Though I now live in Canada, I was born in Poland, in the beautiful city of Nysa. From a very young age, I understood that family was everything, and my upbringing gave me a strong appreciation for the people in my life. Although photography studios were rare in those days, I am grateful that my family recognized the importance of family portraits. They are small windows that allow us to see our family as it was in the past. Today, I can use these portraits to tell my children stories about their family. And because most of my family remains in Poland, I treasure every family portrait. They allow me to stay close with loved ones I haven't seen in years and keep the ones who are gone closer to my heart.

My love for photography and my love for family are married with Photofinish Creations. Photographing children and families gives me so much joy, and I love sharing the value of capturing and keeping families’ happy moments. Children are my favourite subjects as they wear their hearts on their sleeves and produce such heartwarming and special photos. While children can be fussy and sometimes want nothing to do with me or my camera, their parents will be grateful to have memories of their child’s innocence, playfulness, and charm. I know that when those children grow older, they too will be grateful to have these portraits that they can share with future generations.

I am a lifestyle photographer. I love capturing moments and having them forever. I am inspired by life and the stories we can tell with a look, or a hug, or a smile. Life moves so quickly, so my biggest goal with photography is to capture the things that matter most and that make life sweet, so that we can look back and remember to slow down and cherish the moments we have with our loved ones.